Current Case - Hiebel v. – Personal Injury: Semi-Truck Accident + Wrongful Death

Posted on Oct 04, 2017

Hiebel v. – Personal Injury: Semi-Truck Accident + Wrongful Death

This case was a wrongful death case between a truck driver and a car.

How does a plaintiff recover money on a case like this and what the limitations to the value on a case as such?

A lot of large trucks carry commercial insurance policies averaging between 750k and 1m dollars; we contact the company to get the info from them; some, however, are fly by night companies that do not carry thee insurance that they are supposed to.


Defendants driving dangerous trucks that are harder to control need to take more precautions—so do the trucking companies—they are responsible for periodical tune ups.

Training of the drivers is also considered and so is the prior history of the driver,  as well as the break levels and the rest levels.

Prior speeding issues

Hiebel was married to her husband for 45 years. Article available on the accident; this happened near Joshua Tree.

Smoke from the truck from the highway. Hiebel and son are hauling materials from Anaheim, and as the truck gets to an intersection, the Truck’s smoke turns black and although one party’s son was able to avoid it, his father hit the truck.

Son watches father die in front of his eyes.

Trucking company’s insurance.

Important steps on accidents like this: having the documentation to prove what happened;