• Member of the exclusive multi-million dollar advocates forum
  • More than 50 cases tried to jury
  • We work collaboratively with referring attorney
  • Client attention is our specialty. We learn the client's story, who they are and what the incident has done to their life
  • Referring attorney will learn our process from beginning to end and how we obtain our multi-million dollar verdicts
  • The referring attorney can spend as much or as little time in the creative trial process as he or she would like
  • We pay healthy referral fees


We are storytellers and your client's story is the gateway to getting them justice. Let us tell their story with you!

Refer a case to us and we will try it with you and help bring justice to your client.

Trial is a scary proposition. The harsh light of the courtroom exposes the flaws and the beauty of a case. Case Barnett Law excels at the trial of civil and criminal cases. We have tried more cases than 95% of attorneys and do not fear any opposition.

Case Barnett Law is focused on trial work and litigation. When you refer a case to us you will work with one of the top litigators in Orange County.