Attorney Case Barnett and his wife Nicole feel very fortunate to be able to provide a healthy and nurturing environment for their two young children, but they know that many people in Orange County and across the world struggle to meet the basic needs of their children. As a former elementary school teacher, Nicole holds a special place in her heart for all children, particularly those suffering from hunger and homelessness. Nicole and Case felt called to help when they first learned of the Syrian refugee crisis and discovered the global charity Giving Children Hope.

How Giving Children Hope Helps Families in Need

Through extensive research, Nicole discovered that Giving Children Hope is often one of the first aid organizations on the ground when disaster strikes. Nicole and Case were immediately drawn to the important and effective work this charity does and were proud to become involved. The organization has provided refugee families with essentials such as food, clothing, and hygiene items for some time and is now helping the victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas. In the future, Nicole and Case plan to hold fundraisers so that they can contribute even more to Giving Children Hope’s international relief efforts.

Helping Local Children in Need 

While Nicole and Case are proud to make donations to help children across the world, they also wanted to contribute on a local level. That is why they got involved with the “We’ve Got Your Back” program—a local offshoot of Giving Children Hope that provides weekend nutrition to hungry Orange County school children. The entire Case Barnett Law staff visits a local warehouse on the last Friday of each month. They spend the afternoon distributing food to children who receive free and reduced meals at school so that they and their family will have food over the weekend. The team is always touched by this experience and looks forward to the last Friday of the month!

Check Our Website for Future Opportunities to Give!

Please check back often for opportunities to support our philanthropic efforts. We will post information about fundraisers and other ways to support Giving Children Hope and We’ve Got Your Back. Together, we can help feed and clothe the children of Orange County and the world.