Safe at School

When your child is injured at school, there are steps you must take to safeguard your claim. 

We created this report, Safe at School: The Duty to Protect Our Children in California Schools, to help families navigate the difficult process of suing a public school district or private school. 

In this free report, written by an attorney who specializes in child injury law, you will learn: 

  • What to do when the school district rejects your claim
  • The 3 steps to file a lawsuit against your school
  • Why suing a government institution (aka a public school district) is extremely difficult but manageable. 
  • How the statute of limitations differs when you are suing a school district
  • How to document bullying to help you win your lawsuit. 
  • Why an understanding of negligent security and supervision are important in school liability cases. 
  • School Safety Plan Checklist to illustrate the standard of care it schools must take to ensure student safety. 
  • 6 Questions to ask before you hire an attorney
  • How suing a private school is different than suing a public school. 
  • ... and MUCH MORE!

All of this information is 100%  free if you live in California.

 Get this report, written by child injury law attorney Case Barnett, and avoid mistakes that can ruin your school district negligence claim. 

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