From the very beginning Case was extremely thorough and mindful of the fact that, as someone that had never been in trouble with the law before, I would need the entire process explained again and again. Case was compassionate to my situation to a degree not normally seen in any capacity, which very much helped to put me at ease during the various legal proceedings.


After almost a year long process and many difficult days in court, we went to trial. As a non-lawyer I know that I can't accurately describe how impressive it was to witness Case in trial. What I can say is that he had a mastery of the facts, down the smallest detail and that required a level of commitment not normally seen in any profession. The jury was out for less than two hours before we returned to hear the life-changing verdict.


Case dedicated himself to understanding every facet of the case; because of that my future remains intact. I owe my life to Case Barnett."

Edward S.