Our civil case had been going on for about 8 and a half years when Case became our primary attorney. From the first time we met I was impressed with his compassion. He cared about how long our case had been going and the fact justice was not served. It was a personal injury case. My husband had a severe brain injury from a fall. Over the years after the fall his mental health was failing and our quality of life was getting worse.


My husband was never able to go back to any kind of work. He was in a high level technical field. His income was above average and I was in a professional position. We depended on his income to live. I had to take over his care and still try to bring in some income. After a couple of years of searching we found attorneys that would take our case.


After several years our attorneys had tried everything to get the defendants and their insurance company to make a reasonable settlement with us, it did not look good for our case to continue. Then one day we were referred to Case Barnett Law. At first I was skeptical that we still had a good case of getting justice after years of legal disappointments. After speaking with Mr. Barnett I felt hopeful again that we could finally get some help.


Case Barnett took over our case. He was compassionate with our situation and started working to get our case to court. In just a few months we were in court. Mr. Barnett presented our case with the simple facts. He was always professional, knowledgeable and truthful. The jury believed him after hearing the simple facts of the case as presented by Case Barnett. The defendant’s insurance company made a reasonable settlement and now after over 10 years since the accident my husband is getting the medical attention that he deserved.


Without Case Barnett and his professional integrity, compassion and hard work searching out the true facts of our case, we would never have reached a settlement. All I can say is thank you Case.”

Gladys S. | 3.8 Million Dollar Brain Injury Verdict