Injuries at State Parks in California: Who Is Liable?

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California's state parks are a sanctuary for nature lovers, adventurers, and families across the country. With over 280 parks spanning coastlines, forests, deserts, and mountains, California offers countless recreational opportunities, including hiking, biking, rock climbing, swimming, camping, and more.  

While these activities provide recreation and relaxation, many of them also come with inherent risks — many of which visitors are happy to assume. However, not all injuries at state parks are caused by the injured party. In these cases, understanding the legal landscape surrounding injuries in California’s state parks can help injury victims pursue the compensation they deserve. 

If you were injured in an accident at a state park that was caused by someone else, Case Barnett Law can help you explore your legal options. This article will discuss the legal responsibility of state parks in California, the role of state immunity, liability, and more. 

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Legal Responsibilities of California State Parks

People visiting California’s state parks bear certain responsibilities when it comes to ensuring their own safety — but they aren’t the only ones. The California Department of Parks and Recreation must ensure proper maintenance and safety features in parks. Here are some of its responsibilities: A State Park in California

  • Regular maintenance. The CA Department of Parks and Recreation is tasked with maintaining parks’ pathways, public use facilities, signage, and more to ensure visitors are reasonably safe. 
  • Adequate signage. Clear, visible park signage is critical to safety, especially for new visitors. Parks and Recreation should provide signage that informs visitors of potential hazards, including steep cliffs, deep waters, falling rock dangers, and more. 
  • Wildlife management. The Department should provide information that educates visitors on how to safely interact with or avoid wildlife that lives in the park. It is also responsible for actively managing animal populations to help prevent potentially dangerous encounters. 

Although the CA Department of Parks and Recreation plays a pivotal role in keeping visitors safe, injuries that happen in California state parks are not automatically considered the park’s fault. Under the legal principle of assumed risk, park visitors accept some level of risk inherent to all outdoor activities. In some cases, this principle limits the liability of park management when an injury occurs. 

Navigating Liability and Legal Action

Determining liability in any injury case can be tricky, but it’s especially complicated when it involves a government entity, such as the Department of Parks and Recreation. In order to hold the park accountable for your accident, you will likely need to demonstrate that your injuries were caused by the park management’s failure to uphold its duty of care to visitors. 

As a result, documentation of the incident is crucial. You should collect as much evidence as possible at the accident scene, including photos of the hazard and the names and contact information of any witnesses. It’s also important to file an incident report with park authorities and to seek medical attention directly after the incident, as these reports will provide essential evidence for your claim. 

If you intend to take legal action against the park, you will need to partner with an experienced personal injury attorney. Pursuing claims against government entities can be highly complex, and a dedicated legal advocate can help you navigate legal considerations and concepts, including sovereign immunity. 

The Role of Sovereign Immunity

Sovereign immunity is a legal concept that essentially says a state government cannot be sued without its consent. This immunity provides California’s state parks with a significant shield against lawsuits, but it is not absolute. There are exceptions to this rule, particularly in cases of clear negligence, such as a park’s failure to repair a known hazard or provide adequate signage and warnings. In order to prevail in your lawsuit, you will need to work alongside an attorney who has a deep understanding of these nuances and how they pertain to your case. 

How a Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

In the aftermath of a serious injury, navigating your legal options is overwhelming. Fortunately, your Costa Mesa personal injury attorney will do the heavy lifting with your claim, providing crucial guidance in determining liability and initiating legal action. Here are some of their key tasks: 

  • Case assessment and investigation. The first thing your attorney will do is review the details of your case and confirm your eligibility to pursue legal action. Next, they will start gathering evidence, including witness testimony, opinions from experts, medical reports, incident reports, and anything else that supports your claim. 
  • Documentation and filings. Suing a government entity requires precise documentation and adherence to strict filing deadlines; failing to adhere to these standards could make you ineligible to pursue legal action. Your attorney will handle these details to ensure all documents are filed correctly and on time. 
  • Negotiating with defendants and insurers. The vast majority of personal injury cases are decided outside of court when a fair settlement is reached. Your attorney can negotiate with defendants and insurers to ensure your settlement compensates you for the full range of your damages. 
  • Advocacy in court. If a fair settlement can’t be reached, your attorney will prepare your case for court. They will present compelling evidence, prepare and argue motions, represent you at hearings, and more to help you reach the best possible outcome at trial. 

Personal injury attorneys have a deep legal understanding of negligence and liability, making them invaluable advocates in your pursuit of justice. However, not all injury lawyers are equally skilled in securing maximum compensation for their clients. 

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