personal injury attorneyHiring an attorney with trial experience is a must. Insurance companies use something called "pre-suit negotiation." This means they gather as much information as possible on you, your lawyer, your doctor etc. Many attorneys will spend (waste?) time trying to negotiate with the insurance company before actually filing the case.  

An attorney who loves trial will not do this. Why? Because an attorney who is fearless wants the case set for trial in case negotiations break down along the way. Our Costa Mesa personal injury lawyer at Case Barnett Law will almost always file a lawsuit before we negotiate. We always want there to be a trial date in place for your case. If we settle for a fair number before trial, great. If not, we are ready, willing, and beyond able to take your case to trial.

We also never want the statute of limitations to almost run out before we file suit. There are many terrible stories about this happening to people. Google it. Like anything in life, there are sometimes exceptions, and your case may be one in which waiting to file suit is justified. However, it's never justified to wait until the last moment just to play a game of "Chicken" with the insurance company. 

We also warn any friend who comes our way to be aware of attorneys making promises to you. Sometimes people will say anything to get a "sale" and with technology accessible to all, anyone can slap up a website and call themselves an expert. We have even seen attorneys who aren't licensed in California attempt to represent someone in the state. They hope to grab a settlement from the insurance company before the case moves forward. When it doesn't settle they are left trying to find a licensed attorney to file the suit and save them. This is never good for the client and it can put your entire case in danger. 

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