Three practical steps to help you prove the full extent of your damages. To recover the full value of the harm done to you in a claim for personal injury, you and your lawyer must present reliable evidence of your losses. neither the insurance company nor the court will simply take your word for it. Here are three record-keeping tips you can implement starting today:

  1. Keep a separate calendar on which you note all injury-related events.
  2. Keep a diary to track your symptoms and the impact of your injuries on your daily life and 
  3. Save all documents related to your treatment; remember, if you can't prove your damages, you can't recover compensation for it. we can help you gather the evidence you need to prove your damages and present your strongest case to the insurance company and or a jury.

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Damages That Can Be Recovered in a Personal Injury Case

Some of the damages that may be awarded in a personal injury case or recovered in a settlement include:

  • Medical bills directly related to the accident injuries from the time of the accident until your loved one’s death.
  • Funeral and burial expenses.
  • Lost income. This includes any income lost from the time of the accident until your loved one’s death and the future lost income that your loved one was reasonably expected to earn from the time of his death until his anticipated retirement date. It includes wages, benefits, and income from self-employment.
  • Physical pain and emotional suffering that your loved one experienced from the time of the accident until the time of death.
  • Loss of household services. The value of the work that your loved one did at home should be included in your recovery.
  • Loss of love, guidance, emotional support, and more. This is, perhaps, your most significant loss. While it can be difficult to value, it provides you with a chance to explain how your loved one’s death has impacted you and your family.

Personal Injury Cases in Orange County, California

In a personal injury case in California, the person who was injured is responsible for proving that the negligence of another person caused the injury to occur. This is a difficult undertaking, and it is essential that you not try to do it alone. An experienced personal injury attorney will know how to negotiate the following key elements of a personal injury case:

  • Comparative negligence. The person who caused the accident is likely to argue that he was not entirely at fault. In California, this is called "comparative negligence." If you are found to be even partially to blame, your recovery will be reduced by the amount of fault that lies with you.
  • Expert testimony. Testimony from a medical, economic, or accident reconstruction expert is often needed to build a strong case. The expert will explain how both the injuries and medical bills are due to the defendant’s negligence. Case Barnett Law has access to highly qualified experts.
  • Going to trial. Many attorneys will waste time trying to negotiate with the insurance company before actually filing the case. An attorney who is confident in his trial abilities will not do this. Case Barnett Law will almost always file a lawsuit before we negotiate. We always want there to be a trial date in place for your case. If we settle for a fair number before trial, great. If not, we will take your case to trial.
  • Statute of limitations. There are time limits associated with personal injury claims, and an attorney will keep you apprised of any deadlines. There are sometimes exceptions to the statute of limitations, and your case may be one in which waiting to file suit is justified. However, it is never justified to wait until the last moment just to play a game of "Chicken" with the insurance company.

Types of Personal Injury Cases We Accept

At Case Barnett Law, we are experienced in handling a range of personal injury claims, including the following:

7 Mistakes that Can Ruin Your Accident Claim

The time immediately following an accident is critical. There are things that you can do, unknowingly, that can ruin your chances for financial compensation. For this reason, we wrote The 7 Biggest Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Accident Claim. Download it for free today. Because the aftermath of a serious incident can be overwhelming, it’s critical that you contact an experienced Costa Mesa personal injury attorney at Case Barnett Law. We will work to determine how the crash happened, and we have the experience to help you obtain a fair settlement.