Five things the insurance company doesn't want you to know about your personal injury case. If you are involved in an injury accident, it won't be long before you get a call from the insurance company for the person or entity who caused your injuries. Before you say anything, and certainly before you agree to a settlement, we want to let you in on a few insurance company secrets. Here are the five things the insurance company doesn't want you to know about your personal injury case.

  1. The claims adjuster's job is to save the insurance company money not to make sure you get a fair settlement.
  2. The adjuster will ask you to give a recorded statement but will not tell you that you do not have to give a recorded statement.
  3. Stay off social media; the insurance company will be watching.
  4. The insurance company's first offer is never its best offer and rarely its last offer. Don't be intimidated into accepting less than your claim is worth.
  5. The claims adjuster might dodge your calls and try to ignore your claim, but he won't ignore a personal injury attorney. 

Once an attorney gets involved, insurance adjusters tend to be keen to resolve the matter.

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Costa Mesa Personal Injury Lawyers

The ultimate goal of any insurance company is to make money. They accept your premium payments with the hope that you will never need to make a claim and they will not have to pay out. Even when you have a legitimate claim, some companies will use tactics to avoid or delay paying you to protect their profits. This is known as acting in bad faith and, when this happens, you are entitled to take legal action against them. At Case Barnett Law, we know that recovering from an accident is hard enough—you shouldn’t have to plan out your legal strategy, too. Luckily, when you partner with our experienced Costa Mesa personal injury attorney, you won’t have to. Call us at (949) 409-0055 to schedule a free case evaluation. 

Examples of Insurance Company Bad Faith Actions

It is hard for the average person to know when they are being taken advantage of by an insurance company, but at Case Barnett Law, we know how insurance adjusters operate. If you believe your accident or mishap should be covered under your insurance policy and your insurance company does any of the following, they are acting in bad faith:

  • Fails to respond to your claim in a timely manner
  • Denies, terminates, or suspends your legitimate claim
  • Underpays your claim
  • Tries to dissuade you from making a claim
  • Misrepresents coverage during the application process
  • Misrepresents the terms and benefits of your policy in any way
  • Makes unreasonable demands for documentation

This is not an exhaustive list; there are many ways an insurance company can act in bad faith. If you are having any difficulty with your insurance company, contact Case Barnett Law for assistance.

7 Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Accident Claim

The time immediately following an accident is critical. There are things that you can do, unknowingly, that can ruin your chances for financial compensation. For this reason, we wrote The 7 Biggest Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Accident Claim. Download it for free today.