[Client] Having two children, who both have special needs, as parents we've always been very protective of them. Especially with our daughter was that she would potentially become a victim of someone abusing her. Whether it was physically or sexually. Right around Thanksgiving, my husband Jim had our daughter with him. They were in the store and she asked if she could buy a candy bar for her boyfriend, and at the time she was 11. So immediately that was a red flag, and that was a concern. Who is she talking about, who is this boyfriend? When that came to our attention that there was potentially something going on with the school bus driver, we felt that something more needed to be done. Not only to protect our own child but potentially other children.

[Case] It's the job of our California child abuse lawyer at Case Barnett Law to listen to your story so we can help you tell it and to empower you to feel comfortable, and to feel strong. And it's our job to help you protect others from this happening again.

[Client] We looked for someone who was trustworthy, and caring. Someone who understood the pain and the struggles that we were experiencing. It was obvious right from the very beginning that Case cared and that he cared deeply about our situation. And at the end of the day, making sure that we were doing the right thing, that the right thing was going to happen, and the right thing was going to be done.

[Case] Victims have power. They have great power if they choose to use it, to shine a light on this terrible conduct because when you shine a light on the bad guys, they run away like cockroaches.

[Client] With the school district, you know it gets to the point of where you're kind of hitting your head against the wall and no one's hearing you, no one's listening. Case had a very good understanding of the district's perspective as well. So it was refreshing to work with someone like Case.

[Case] Let us help you find closure, and move your life in the right direction.

[Client] Thanks to Case, we know our daughter's future is protected. If you're looking for an attorney who is going to be supportive, reliable, and trustworthy, then you need to call Case Barnett Law.

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