Top 10 factors that influence personal injury jurors. A jury is made up of your peers, and just like you, there are certain factors that may influence the jury's decision as to both culpability and the amount of damages you could potentially collect. Here is a look at the top 10 factors that may affect your personal injury claim:

  1. Fault- the jury will want to examine the degree of your fault versus the fault of the other party. the greater degree of your own fault, the less you can expect to collect.
  2. Options- even if the accident was the fault of someone else a jury will want to know whether you had any options in avoiding the accident.
  3. Medical History- if the accident resulted in injuries, the nature and severity of the injuries will affect the award. serious injuries with costly treatment can lead to a larger award.
  4. Type of Injury- certain types of injuries may be more sympathetic to a jury than others. for example a head injury may get a larger award than a broken arm.
  5. Lost Income- if the injury impacts your ability to work you may be compensated for this.
  6. Likability- sometimes your claim may boil down to how well-liked you are. if you are a sympathetic figure, you can expect more damages.
  7. Personal History- linked to likability a jury will want to know your personal history like having similar accidents in the past and whether you have a criminal history, if related to the accident.
  8. Witnesses- the quality of your witnesses and opposing witnesses may have a great impact on the jury, so you will want to work with an attorney in carefully selecting your supporting witnesses.
  9. Police Testimony- police officers are supposedly unbiased and their testimony may greatly influence a jury.
  10. Time- the fresher the injury, the more sympathetic the jury is likely to be. for example if you wait three years to bring a lawsuit you may be too far removed from the incident to greatly affect a jury.

What to Expect During a California Personal Injury Trial

If you're unsatisfied with the offer, you don't have to accept an out-of-court settlement for a California personal injury claim. Instead, you have the right to file a lawsuit in court to pursue fair compensation for the injuries, damages, and losses caused by another party's negligence. 

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7 Mistakes that Can Ruin Your Accident Claim

The time immediately following an accident is critical. There are things that you can do, unknowingly, that can ruin your chances for financial compensation. For this reason, we wrote The 7 Biggest Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Accident Claim. Download it for free today.

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