Injured worker on ground after industrial accident in California10 Tips for Avoiding Industrial Accidents

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All workers deserve a safe, hazard-free workplace. Unfortunately, that’s not always what they get—especially when working in dangerous industrial environments. 

Compared to other types of workers, Californians in the industrial sector are at an increased risk of sustaining serious workplace injuries. Industrial accidents are caused by a variety of factors, from mechanical failures to inadequate safety precautions to poor training. Regardless of the precipitating event, the injuries sustained by industrial workers are often severe.

Navigating your options after an industrial accident can be challenging, especially without legal guidance. If you’ve been injured in an industrial accident, it’s important to remember that you have recourse. Whether through workers’ compensation or an industrial accident lawsuit, you have the right to pursue damages.

In this article, our industrial accident attorney offers 10 tips for navigating industrial accidents in California. Keep reading to learn more about your legal options in the aftermath of a serious workplace injury.

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1. Seek Immediate Medical Attention

In the moments after a serious accident, an industrial worker may or may not realize they’re seriously injured. Their body may be flooded with adrenaline and endorphins that numb pain, possibly to the extent that they believe they are fine—even when they’re not. 

That’s why it’s critical to seek immediate medical attention after an industrial accident, even if you think it’s unnecessary. A medical professional can ensure you’re not suffering from internal bleeding or similarly life-threatening conditions. Plus, should you decide to pursue compensation in the future, you’ll have a record of seeking immediate care.

2. Don’t Downplay Your Injuries

It’s not uncommon for industrial workers to sustain frequent minor injuries and develop an increasingly high pain tolerance as a result. Although you may be tempted to brush it off and insist you’re fine, it’s important not to downplay your injuries. Doing so can result in receiving insufficient compensation.

3. Report the Incident to Your Employer

It’s important to report the incident to your employer as soon as you can. They will create a report that serves as official documentation of the incident, which will be crucial evidence in workers’ compensation claims and related investigations. Reporting the incident immediately can also help protect your coworkers from being injured by the same hazard.

4. Keep Detailed Documentation 

After being injured in an accident—whether it was a car accident, workplace accident, or something else—you need to document everything. Too many people underestimate how important documentation will be in their fight for compensation. If you’re able to do so without further injuring yourself, take photos of the accident scene and make notes about the time, place, how it happened, who saw it happen, and any other details that could be useful.

5. Follow Medical Advice 

Don’t make the mistake of ignoring your doctor’s medical advice. You should adhere strictly to the treatment plan laid out by your health care team, whether that means attending follow-up appointments, taking certain medications, or even participating in physical therapy. Failing to do so could delay your recovery and end up hurting your ability to secure compensation.

6. Understand Your Rights as a Worker

Workers in California have a number of essential rights. Understanding these rights is critical to receiving the support you deserve. According to the California Department of Industrial Relations (CDIR), all workers are entitled to safe and healthy jobs, rest and meal breaks, minimum wage and overtime, benefits if injured or unemployed, and the right to take action without being punished. That includes your right to pursue damages for on-the-job injuries.

7. Consider Filing a Worker’s Compensation Claim

California requires every business with at least one employee to carry workers’ compensation insurance. This insurance can provide injured workers a wide range of benefits, including medical care, temporary disability benefits, permanent disability benefits, supplemental job displacement benefits, and even death benefits to bereaved family members.

Although filing a workers’ comp claim is the best course of action for some workers, it isn’t the right choice for every injured employee. In some cases, particularly those involving third-party liability or an employer’s gross negligence, an injured worker may be better served by filing an industrial accident lawsuit. Before deciding on the right path for you, it’s a good idea to consult a trusted Costa Mesa personal injury attorney.

8. Reach Out for Support

Accidents can be traumatic—not just for injury victims’ bodies, but also for their minds. Seeking emotional and psychological support, whether through support groups or psychological services, may be a critical piece of your recovery. Many employers offer access to counseling services; consider speaking with your HR department about the resources available to you.

9. Take Advantage of Return-to-Work Programs

Depending on the nature of your accident and the severity of the injuries you sustained, returning to work after a long recovery may be more difficult than you expected. If your employer offers a return-to-work program, consider participating. Doing so can help ease the transition back to work and prepare you to rejoin your workplace safely and effectively. 

10. Contact an Industrial Accident Attorney 

As experienced accident attorneys, we see it again and again: Injured workers fail to secure the compensation they deserve because they don’t know they can. If you only remember one thing from this article, remember that you have legal recourse.

If you’ve suffered injuries in an industrial accident, we can help you explore your options for compensation. Getting started with us is risk-free and easy: Simply contact Case Barnett Law online to schedule a free consultation with a top industrial accident lawyer today.

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