experienced trial attorneyIf you are trying to determine whether you need an attorney or not, there are certain things to look for.  Really what you are looking for is were you or a loved one injured because of someone elses negligence.  Was someone speeding or not taking care of their property or just not doing what they are supposed to do to keep other people safe and you got hurt because of it. 

If you come to us and talk to us we are going to analyze your case and we are going to look at the severity of the injury, the seriousness of the negligence on the other side.  We are going to talk to you honestly and plainly about whether or not you should pursue a case, what the likelihood of a recovery is and what the amount of that recovery might be.   This is so you can make an informed decision on:

  1. Do you want to pursue the case?
  2. Do you want to pursue the case with us as your representation?

We wrote a book to try and help people, at least at the very beginning, handle the case on their own and see if they can work their way through the labryinth that is a personal injury case.  At some point, if you really want to maximize value, you are going to need someone like myself, a law firm like our law firm because the insurance adjusters and the defendants prey on unsuspecting victims.  They know that you aren't going to try the case on your own and they know that you are unlikely to file a case on your own.  So they have all the leverage because that big hammer of a case getting filed and big exposure trial is not there.  So can a person handle a case on their own? Yes.  Do I recommend it? No.

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Case C. Barnett
Costa Mesa Personal Injury Attorney practicing in child injury law, car accident injuries and elder abuse law