Bottle Warmer Burns: Serious Daycare Injuries

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Bottle Warmer Burn Injuries in California infant reaching their hand out near the stove in California

If you have children, you’re well aware that watching a baby or toddler is a full-time job. Keeping them safe requires not only vigilance but also preparation and lots of baby-proofing. Because caring for babies and small children is so demanding, daycare providers and other childcare services generally charge a premium. In exchange, parents expect high-quality care; unfortunately, that’s not always what they get. 

Not all accidents are someone’s fault. Babies and small children are going to get minor bumps, bruises, and scrapes in anyone’s care. However, child injuries that result from adult negligence, such as bottle warmer burns, are not so innocuous. They generally mean that the child is not receiving the proper standard of care, which is dangerous. 

Like many injuries, bottle warmer burns may not seem like a big deal at first, but depending on the situation, they can be. Serious burns can result in a number of physical and emotional traumas that impact the child throughout their life. Read on to learn everything you need to know about bottle warmer injuries. 

It doesn’t matter what type of injury — if your child suffered serious harm because of an adult’s negligence, that adult needs to be held responsible. Filing a lawsuit with an experienced Orange County child injury lawyer can prevent them from hurting other children and provide your family compensation. Contact us to get started

Why Do Daycares Use Bottle Warmers? 

When you’re caring for infants, bottle warmers are an excellent tool to have on hand because they heat up milk and formula to an optimal, safe temperature. Although the mechanism varies by design, most bottle warmers warm bottles through indirect heat.

To heat the bottle, a caregiver would simply place it in the warmer, and in most cases, pour water into the heating portion of the device. As the water’s temperature increases, it warms the milk or formula evenly and helps preserve its nutritional value. 

How to Prevent Bottle Warmer Burns in Orange County

When used correctly, bottle warmers do not typically cause injuries. However, when used or stored improperly, they can result in serious burn injuries. These accidents are entirely preventable if the daycare worker does the following: 

  • Place the warmer out of reach. Because these devices are full of boiling water, caregivers should place them out of reach of children on a high surface where they cannot be knocked over. 
  • Secure the warmer properly. If a warmer tips over, it doesn’t matter if it was out of reach — the falling water can still scald a child. That’s why it’s essential to secure it on a flat surface where it cannot tip. 
  • Hide loose cords. Babies and toddlers like to tug on things like cords, and pulling on a bottle warmer’s cord can cause it to come crashing down. Just like the device itself, any loose cords should stay completely out of reach of children. 

Although child interference is often the reason for bottle warmer burns, sometimes it’s caused directly by the caregiver. A daycare provider may knock it over, especially if the daycare center is understaffed and workers are in a rush. In these cases, a child injury lawyer may be able to help you sue the facility for negligent practices

Types of Bottle Warmer Injuries

Many people think, “What’s a little hot water? That burn doesn’t sound so bad!” Unfortunately, if your child has suffered such an injury, you know that assumption is wrong. The reality is that bottle warmer injuries can cause tremendous harm in certain circumstances. Here are some of the physical injuries that may occur: 

  • First-, second- or third-degree burns
  • Peeling skin
  • Blisters
  • Muscle and tissue damage
  • Extreme pain
  • Shock 
  • Loss of limbs
  • Death

In addition to physical trauma, serious burns can lead to emotional and psychological damage that continues to harm the child even after the injury has healed. Effects may include anxiety, depression, regressive behaviors, nightmares, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). 

If Your Child Was Injured in a Bottle Warmer Incident

If your child suffered a serious bottle warmer burn, you may be looking at a long, expensive road to recovery that takes a toll on your child, your family and your wallet. That’s why you need to take certain steps so that, if you decide to sue, you have all the evidence you need. Here’s what to do: 

  1. Seek medical attention immediately. Nothing is more important than the well-being of your child. Take them to the hospital as soon as you can — everything else can wait. 
  2. Get an incident report. Ask your daycare for an incident report that details the events of the accident. Make sure you and the childcare facility have a copy. 
  3. Report the incident to the state. California takes these injuries seriously, as they should. By reporting the accident to the California Department of Social Services, you can help prevent future injuries. 
  4. Contact an experienced child injury lawyer. When it comes to holding negligent caregivers responsible and ensuring compensation for your child’s recovery, not just any lawyer will do. Make sure to contact a firm with experience in child and daycare injuries.

Remember: Bottle warmer injuries are entirely preventable. They happen when adults fail to take the proper steps to ensure children’s safety. And that’s an issue you can’t just let slide. Contact our Orange County personal injury attorney team today to explore your possible legal options.

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