Everyone who rides a motorcycle knows the risks involved. While two wheels are not inherently more dangerous than four, motorcyclists are exposed to dangers most motorists scarcely consider. Even if you do everything right—getting a bike endorsement, wearing all the right gear, and taking safety classes—you are still at the mercy of other drivers’ sense of responsibility.

When someone blasts through a red light or merges without checking their blind spot, what might be a minor fender bender in a sedan or SUV can become a life-changing event for an unsuspecting motorcyclist.

If you have been hurt in a motorcycle accident or lost a loved one to another driver’s negligence, you should not have to fight tooth and nail for a fair recovery. Our Orange County team of personal injury attorneys can help you get the compensation you deserve without breaking the bank.

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How You Can Afford a California Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Most people think that the law is a big-money business and that hiring a Costa Mesa personal injury lawyer is prohibitively expensive.

However, personal injury law is different.

Personal injury attorneys usually work on a contingency basis. In other words, you do not have to pay anything up-front: not for your initial consultation, your paperwork, or even a trial. Instead, personal injury attorneys take their pay as a percentage of your settlement. Some firms will charge legal fees if they cannot reach a settlement or lose their case.

While most firms take 45% of your end award, Case Barnett typically charges between 33.6% and 40%. And, because we are confident about the cases we take on, we never make our clients pay anything out-of-pocket. No hourly fees, no material costs—nothing. You will not owe Case Barnett anything if we do not win your case.

Insurance Company Tactics

If you caught your accident on a helmet-mounted camera or have a reliable eyewitness, you may think you have a simple, open-and-shut case—one that will not benefit from an attorney’s involvement.

Insurance companies love few things more than an injured person lacking representation. While you might think your adjuster is on your side, remember who the adjuster is working for the insurance company.

Since insurance companies are for-profit businesses, they will try to minimize their losses by paying the smallest settlements possible. You can try to negotiate for a higher award, but unless you are an industry expert, you will not be able to argue against the adjuster’s math.

That is assuming, of course, that your insurer even offers a settlement.

Statistically, crash victims who retain legal counsel are much more likely to leave the court with larger awards than crash victims who try to file cases without representation.

After all, your personal injury attorney knows what insurance companies, courts, and juries need to see. We also know the math that goes into damages calculations and will fight to give you the maximum compensation to which you are entitled under California law.

Potential Damages in a Motorcycle Crash Case

Recovering after a motorcycle crash goes beyond fixing your damaged bike and paying medical bills. California personal injury statutes allow injured people to claim both economic and non-economic damages following an accident:

  • Economic damages are objective financial damages with a set dollar amount. Economic damages include the cost to repair or replace your vehicle, medical bills, and any income you lost during recovery.
  • Non-economic damages are subjective damages without a set dollar value. Non-economic damages include pain and suffering, disfigurement, and lost earning potential.

California has no cap for compensatory damages except in medical malpractice cases. Case Barnett will evaluate the extent of your damages to provide you with the recovery settlement you deserve.

If we cannot reach a settlement with your insurer, we can take them to court, along with the driver responsible for your injuries.

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