Who Will Pay for My Lost Income When I Miss Work After an Accident?

Your attorney can help you file a claim for lost income. When someone was negligent, and it caused you to be injured and miss work, you can include your lost income damages in your liability claim. 

Missing Work Due to a Car Accident?

Potential Damages Available for Car Accident Victims in California 

A wide range of compensation for economic, non-economic, and other damages is potentially available to those injured in car accidents.

  • Economic damages: Compensation for past and future medical bills related to injuries sustained in the accident; reimbursement for medical-related travel expenses; vehicleWoman Injured and Missing Work After Car Accident  repair or replacement costs; wages lost; taking time off work to recover; and the loss of earning potential if the severity of the injuries prevents a return to the workplace.
  • Non-economic damages: Compensation for physical pain and suffering; mental and emotional anguish; loss of enjoyment of life; and scarring or disfigurement.

Plaintiffs who file a wrongful death lawsuit after losing a loved one in a car accident may be entitled to pursue additional compensation.

Damages in these cases are usually divided into two categories: damages that compensate for injuries and losses the decedent suffered between the time of the accident and their death and compensation for losses incurred by the family after their loved one's death.

Examples of damages sought in wrongful death car accident cases include compensation for:

  • Medical costs incurred by the victim before death
  • Physical pain and suffering experienced by the victim
  • Property damage to the victim's vehicle
  • Funeral costs
  • Burial or cremation expenses
  • Loss of the victim's future earnings
  • Loss of inheritance
  • Loss of the goods and services the victim would have provided
  • Loss of pension plans, medical coverage, or other benefits
  • Pain, suffering, and mental anguish experienced by the decedent's survivors
  • Loss of care, protection, guidance, and training
  • Loss of love, society, and companionship
  • Loss of consortium from a deceased spouse

Additionally, in cases where the defendant's conduct was particularly egregious, a judge or jury may award punitive damages that seek to punish the victim for these actions and deter future bad conduct.

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