Hello my name is John and this is my experience with an injury lawsuit and Case Barnett Law. A couple years ago I got a career ending injury to my leg and back that put me into a hospital. Not knowing any lawyers I started cold calling attorneys that you see advertising on TV. One by one I told them my story and one by one they declined to represent me. My situation was apparently more intricate than the usual car and motorcycle cases they take on.

What I thought was going to be routine, started to become a panic situation. I stopped making calls that night. By sheer luck, the next day I was told that a niece of mine, through marriage, used to work at a law firm in Costa Mesa and I was given Case Barnett's phone number. Long story short they accepted my case and Mr. Barnett himself, knowing my immobility at the time came to my house to meet me. We talked for an hour and when he left all the panic I was experiencing also left.

From that point on I never stopped feeling that I was in very honest and capable hands. They went beyond being just lawyers, they set up and scheduled Ubers for my different appointments. Ryan, one of the lawyers, bought and delivered a cell phone charger to me at the hospital after I came out of surgery. They sent their paralegals to my home to deliver forms and picked up my mail and threw out my garbage because I couldn't physically walk to my mailbox or trash.

These are caring people that happen to be very good at what they do. Case Barnett Law took very good care of me, not just legally which they did but also on a personal human level. Dena Wiess, a top lawyer involved in my case is one of the most dynamic individuals you will ever meet. Her endless energy and positivity never failed to lift me up. Finally let me say, Case Barnett is a conscientious professional and everyone that I have met or talked to there reflects that. I am sure Case would not want this next bit advertised so I won't. I'll just say this, in order to get the negotiations complete and make me happy, he stepped up.

I literally put my life in the hands of complete strangers when I was literally broken with no chance of going back to my job. They came through for me. My life from here on out has a fresh new beginning thanks to the people at Case Barnett. I mean that 100 percent . I have no doubt they will do the same for you.

John F. | Broken Leg at Apartment Complex | $ 850,000.00