Brain injuries can manifest themselves in any number of ways. The really scary thing about brain injuries is that people will look normal, and no one will know that something's going on with them, but something's just not right. [Music] It's important when someone suffers from a brain injury that they get appropriate care, and then they learn ways to deal with the brain injury, and they learn ways to help them deal with society in general. A concussion is a type of brain injury. Commonly, when people refer to concussions, they think of football players, and they think of a concussion symptom that resolves after a couple of weeks. Typically, what happens is that a brain injury falls into one of three categories, and a concussion would fall into that category, known as a minor traumatic brain injury. And this we typically see resolved within 90 or 120 days. Now, if these concussion symptoms last for more than three or four months, you really have to be careful because that's indicative of a more serious brain injury and something that might end up affecting a person for a substantially longer period of time. If someone suffers a serious brain injury, then they could receive a craniotomy, something to relieve the pressure on the brain. But if someone really suffers brain damage, it's more a matter of giving them coping skills and teaching them how to live with the injury in order to make the impact as minor as possible. It's important to determine which area of the brain is actually injured so the individual suffering can be given a host of tools to make their life as normal as possible. In conjunction with a neurologist, an individual who suffered a brain injury is going to want to be treated by a neuropsychiatrist and a neuropsychologist. Both of these people can do a great job at helping an individual gain the skills required to live a normal life. The types of surgeries involved in a serious brain injury are incredibly expensive, and the care needed to help an individual who suffered a brain injury is incredible, so the medical bills associated with brain injury treatment can be astronomical. If you've been injured and you need an attorney, call Case Barnett Law at 949-861-2990 or visit our website at casebarnettlaw.com. 

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Case Barnett Law has successfully represented numerous victims of traumatic brain injury(TBI) in Orange County, California, and statewide. Our Costa Mesa personal injury attorney is passionate about helping those who have suffered from a traumatic brain injury.

Approximately 5.3 million Americans live with some form of brain injury. The symptoms of a brain injury can be subtle, yet brain injuries are catastrophic injuries that require immediate medical attention and often require ongoing support.

The recovery from a serious brain injury can be long, and it can be challenging. It is important to know what to expect and where you can get the help that you need to move forward if you or a loved one have been hurt.

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