How much money you receive in your case is important to every individual, but the most important thing is your health. If you seek medical treatment immediately, you are more likely to have a better short-term and long-term outcome. The amount of money that you recover or that you could recover is based on a bunch of different variables that range from what your past medical bills have been, what your future potential medical bills are and how this incident has affected your life. All of those things come together to inform the value of the case. The final thing that informs the value of the case is the offensiveness of the defendant's conduct. Normally that isn't something that a jury can award value for, but we see that generally speaking the more upset a jury is by the defendant's conduct, the higher the verdicts going to be.

Most plaintiffs personal injury attorneys work on contingency. It doesn't cost you any money during your case; you only pay money if we are able to recover for it. When we take a personal injury case, the typical percentages range from 33 1/3% to 40%. Sometimes they go as high as 45% if it is a difficult case or a case that has to go all the way through trial.

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