Current Case - Barrera v. – Personal Injury: Rear-End Auto Accident

Posted on Oct 04, 2017

Barrera v. – Personal Injury: Rear-End Auto Accident

The root cause for accidents is difficult to pin-point; however, there are several factors that influence the likelihood of specific types of collisions.

Take rear-end collisions, for example. These collisions typically occur when an individual does not maintain a safe distance between their car and the car that is in front of them. This may be perpetuated by a sense of hurriedness, which is why is always important to stay calm when one is driving, and maintain a safe space from the car in front of them so as to prevent any rear end collisions in the case of an un-expected impasse.

In this particular case, our clients had stopped at a red-light and, to their misfortune, were rear-ended by an individual who simply did not maintain enough distance.